British Acrobatics Festival

The festival was conceived in 2008. Acrobatics conventions were already popular on the European continent. After visiting the Dutch Acrobatics festival, Keil, Bremmel and Bemmel, it was apparent that the UK needed something similar; a community based festival run by acrobats to share their passion.

Not only acrobatics, but partner acrobalance, tumbling, juggling, equilibristics, dance, dance yoga, acroyoga, and all forms of movement are covered at the festival. We also welcome workshops from circus skills of any type.

The festival first ran in Sommerset in 2008 but it was only in 2014 that the festival became what it is now, running that year in Uckfield, Sussex.

The British acrobatics festival aims to run yearly at different locations. Previously it has run in Sussex, Oxford and Cambridge.