Scott Lifts Michaela Flies

Micheala likes to be lifted and thrown about. Scott likes to lift and
throw things. These are not just Acro teachers, these are M&S Acro

We started out with parkour and cheerleading but these days acro has
taken over. The joy of practising and teaching along with the amazing
people we meet has meant that acrobalance is fast becoming our lives.

Here is a nice quote from a new friend at a recent convention: "I
wanted to say thanks to you two in particular for training with me and
coaching me so much. You're both the perfect combination of really
knowledgeable and fun to be around."

Suspended Motion

Suspended Motion are an Edinburgh based physical performance duo, who combine circus, dance and physical theatre in their creative practice

Ian Fraser and Danuta Ramos of Suspended Motion are two of the leading circus practitioners in Scotland, and have been performing nationally and internationally since 2005. As Suspended Motion they have explored the merging of dance, acro-balance, physical theatre, aerial and object manipulation in various combinations.

Uplifting Stunts

Rick delivers classes and workshops in acrobatics, yoga and dance for disabled and non-disabled participants. His performance history has included integrated cheerleading (a worlds first!), inclusive circus, aerial roles in the Paralympic opening ceremony and touring with a professional contemporary dance company.

Erica Montes

Erica Montes first worked with the body through performance arts, acrobatics and theatre. She encountered Yoga and meditation as a teenager and, after some years working as an actor, found a common ground between her intensely disciplined theatre work and Eastern practices that promote mindfulness through physical motion.

Erica completed her 500 hour Yoga certification with Edward Clark's renowned Tripsichore Yoga. She’s been teaching for 15 years - having done her first AcroYoga Teacher Training in 2008 with co-founders Jason Nemer & Jenny Sauer-Klein and her level II training in 2012. She’s been delivering AcroYoga’s 5 day immersion programmes for a decade and is also a mentor for other teachers. Originally from Brazil, Erica lives in London and teaches internationally.

Jade Clapham

Jade is a certified acroyoga teacher based in Skipton. She first fell in love with acroyoga years ago because it combined her love for weightlifting and yoga. There was no local community so she took it upon herself to create one and now runs regular classes, jams and travels the UK teaching at various events and workshops. Skipton is now a home to one of the most thriving communities in the UK!
Jade is known for her dynamic and creative acro flows with a gymnastic fair!


Neilon joins us from Brighton and will be teaching AcroYoga. He has been practicing for 5 years and is a Level 2 AcroYoga certified teacher.

His approach is fun and lighthearted with an eye for detail and a constant quest for understanding what makes things work.

Workshops be predominantly L-basing and will cover alignment, connection, transitions and washing machines.

Adrian and Amy

Amy and Adrian are passionate about acrobatics and dance and between them have many years of experience in teaching and performing. They've coached the Oxford University Acrobatic Rock and Roll team since its inception four years ago and hold a number of acrobatic dance titles, notably winning the aerials division of the World Modern Jive Championships in 2015.

Ben Does Acro

Ben has been teaching Acro for over 20 years. He has a Diploma from Circomedia and has worked with internationally renown circuses.

Ben is a fully qualified and insured Partner Acro teacher.

Ben runs events in the UK including the British Acrobatics Festival.


With Jesse’s 15 years experience & service as a founding member of the London AcroYoga community, and Rosie’s passion for sharing the practice over the last 7 years, together they are Acro.Bubble and have a wealth of expertise to share! You can find their weekly classes in Tring, Herts.

Expect to level up your L-Basing with a focus on timing & technique, and elevate your Standing Acro with power & precision.

Tobias Bader

Tobias has an enormous and detailed knowledge about partner acrobatics /
acrobalance tricks and training technique as well as dynamic "rock 'n' roll
tricks" & dance acro. He has been teaching for years and knows how to break
down a trick and how to provide the necessary cues for both base and flyer.

'What I like most about acro is the energy it sets free because of the
connection and cooperation between two (or more) people. I always strive to
do tricks with the least possible effort, it is more fun, feels better and
it's much nicer to watch. I use a combination of intuition and analysis to
improve the technique and I am always open to learning new approaches.'

Noël Spauwen

For thirty-five years I'm teaching acrobatics in various settings and levels of weekly groups, festivals and special groups.
Nijmegen (35 years) , Maastricht (30 years), many conventions, profit and nonprofit organisations, regular groups in Apeldoorn, Helmond, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, osnia, Israël, Italy USA, and Hungary. In this country (Hungary) I organise acrobuilding camps and Hungarian acrobatic conventions since many years.

Because of my varied background the concern in the lessons is not only the technique but also the way of working together and the fluent connection between parts. In the long history of teaching and performing a lot of new movements and technical details emerged, that are more and more spread in the world of partner acrobatics. A lot of this came together in my book: Noëls acrobatic elements and connections
I have done quite some training for trainers in acrobatic and other social skills